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Corsair X64 (64MB cache) - disk utilities detect only 32MB cache


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Sorry for my english, I am from Czech. I have Corsair X64 and every disk utilities (HD Tune, HD Inspector, Crystal disk info....and others) detect only 32MB cache size.


I think my SSD disk work perfect:biggrin:, I will buy second Corsair X64 to RAID.


My question is, exist any program or utilities that will detect right cache size (64MB)?


Any idea?


Thanks for answer.

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  • Corsair Employees

There is another thread where we have talked about this same subject.

It seems the program is miss reporting the amount of cache or there is an error in the firmware. We are still looking into this issue and I will post information when it is available. But the cache is there just not being reported properly from the sample drives we looked at.

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