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Random computer shutdowns (power switched off)


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I have the following setup:

- Corsair TX750 (European model) PSU

- Asus motherboard with dual Intel processors

- Windows Vista 64

- System backed up by UPS


The problem is that the computer just shuts down randomly without any warning (no log entries in either UPS or Windows logs). After the shutdown the computer either reboots or does nothing. If it does nothing, then pressing the power switch does not work. The situation can be fixed by removing the power cord and putting it back again after few seconds (this either resets some sensors or gives the power supply that kind "kick" that it starts working again)


The whole shutdown process is pretty random (computer can work 30 seconds or 3 hours, but if it fails once, then the next failure happens more often).


I have checked:


- memory problems

- overheating

- motherboard gets power all the time

- UPS working fine


These are not an issue in this case.


Has anyone else had the same kind of problems? And is there any other solution than just changing the PSU?

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