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A weird rendering issue: Crysis Warhead:: Could Corsair RAM/PSU be the culprit?


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I am running Crysis Warhead @ 1680 X 1050, Enthusiast (No AA). I am getting this weird rendering bug where shadows/outlines of objects persist.


See screenshot.




Please help me out!


PC is otherwise stable…. I have a new HD4890.


RAM passes Memtest86+

@ 4-4-4-12(2T), 2.1V, 800Mhz

PSU voltages ok in Everest Ultimate Edition under load.

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Crysis is a buggy game and that kind of error is really different from the ones that normally came from hardware problems. So i don't think its hardware related. Are your GPU drivers up to date ?


Yes... Catalyst 9.8


Although my system is stable, it belongs to that group of computers that render that infamous black frame flicker in 3DMark06 demo run (Canyon flight only)

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By any chance, could that rendering error be related to bad data being transferred from the Memory bus to the PCI-E bus?


Because Memtest86+ doesn't transfer data from Video RAM via PCI-E to Memory via Memory bus through MCH....


MCH +0.1V does nothing to fix that or the black frame flicker in 3DMark06 Canyon flight.

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