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Can incorrect connections damage TX750?


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I gave my older computer (the one described in my profile) to my Grandson.


He told me after a year, that the PSU went out, so I ordered him the TX750.

He and/or his father connected the TX750 incorrectly. It appears they didn't read directions and separated the 4 pin plug from the 24-pin power connector and plugged it into the ATX plug. I sent a second P4C800E-Deluxe board I had and apparently they did the same thing.


They shipped the whole mess back to me. The CPU's on both boards were shot, as well as the hard drive.


I tried a different PSU and spare CPU and could get the boards to post. At this point, I don't know if there is anything else on the motherboards that is non functional, and I don't know if it is worth messing with them any more.


So, my thought is to change to a P5Q board, new processor, video card, drive, etc.


After all that explanation, my main question is "could the TX750 have been damaged by this?" I wouldn't want to connect it to a totally new system and fry it!


Thanks in advance for any advice or opinion you can offer.

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my first piece of advice is to put a padlock on the pc when you ship it back to them......

if im understanding your post properly....im still trying to figure out how someone can physically take the xtra 4pin plug from the 24pin and plug it in all the way over next to the cpu. im staring at 2 psus right now and cannot see how you could do this. i thought id heard it all....

if u can get the old board and spare cpu to post then i would simply try it out with the tx750 you have and see how that works. unfortunately youll never know until you try it.

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It appears they used a knife or other sharp implement to open the plastic netting that binds all the wires for the main power connector. Unfortunately, this must not be the first time it has happened, as the manual points it out twice:


WARNING: The detachable 4-pin from the 24-pin main connector is not a "P4" or "+12V" connector. Serious damage can be caused if you use it in place of "P4" or "+12V" connector.



■ The 24-pin main power connector has a detachable 4-pin connector. This 4-pin connector is not a P4 or ATX 12V connector. Please DO NOT force this cable in the P4 or ATX +12V socket on the motherboard.


The lock sounds like an excellent idea! :eek:

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Well guys if you read the first post I ever made on this Forum I did the exact same thing (but with a TX850). I did it because my retailer said to. In my circumstance I escaped with no damage to anything what so ever. My P/S would spin for a second and shut down,be thankfull for built in protection (is that what saved me?)


The manual clearly states not to do this but it does not tell you to seperate the 8-pin ATX and use half of it . You look at the cabling and don't see a 4-pin and it's off to the races.


Believe you me I am very happy that nothing happened to my hardware.


I have learned so much since that event.

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