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Problem with booting Corsair-stick

Dag Drue

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I have a Corsair Flash Voyager 32gb!


My computer went black when i was transfering files to the USB-stick, and when I restarted it and tried plug in it in again i coulden't see the original name. I have tried it with different computers, but nothing. The only thing I see is "G:" and there is a only 1 file called BOOTEX which is a textdocument with the following content:


"Checking file system on G:

Filesystem type is FAT32.



One of the disks must be checked for consistency. You can

cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended


Windows now controls the disk.

Volume serial number is 989A-6B40

Convert lost links to files (Y / N)? Yes

18084272 KB in 5531 recovered files.

Adjustments have been made on the file system.

32096928 KB total disk space.

176 kB in 1 folder.

18084272 KB in 5531 files.

14012464 KB are available.


16,384 bytes in each allocation unit.

2006058 total assignment of the disk.

875,779 assignment units available on disk. "


Is there any way at all I can recover the files on the USB-stick?

I really need som help cause a lot of the files are related to my mums work and she really needs them =(


Thanks in advance

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  • Corsair Employees
We can replace the drive for you, however we do not offer any type of data recovery software or services. If the data is important then you may want to review the article here: http://www.corsair.com/_appnotes/AN803_CommonIssues_HelpfulTips_DLoss_DCorruption.pdf. for some data recovery advise. You may also want to check out websites such as http://www.download.com and http://www.softpedia.com and search for "USB Data Recovery," to see if you can find some freeware/shareware that may help you recover the data. If all else fails then you may need to contact a local data recovery service center to find out if the data is recoverable.
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