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Voyager 16GB old bundle vs new bundle


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I am going to buy a 16GB Voyager, and the store have two different bundles. The old ones come with the usb extension and wrist strap, and the new ones don't come with that stuff..


I would like to know if there is some difference else in that two versions, hardware wise. Speeds, performance, etc. So I can decide which one I would get.


Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english.

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Is there any chance that the Voyager 16gb bundled with the extension cable and wrist wrap is the SLC faster version?


I would have it delivered tomorrow, if someone can help me to make a choice now, so I can tell the store which one to send, it would be great.


Edit: I found that it is impossible to fit 16GB in a SLC mem. Anyways, should I get the old version or the new one, speed and performance wise? the bundle is secondary.

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