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TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHXIN Tweaking

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Hi all in the Corsair Support Forums,


Just need some advice from those in the know-how in regards to tweaking the final OC settings of my RAM.


As you can see in my system specs:


FSB 448Mhz.

CPU multiplier 8.5

CPU speed 3.8Ghz.

RAM speed 560Mhz (effective 1120Mhz).


Timings 5-4-4-15 at 1T (testimony to Corsair's highly binned chips!:biggrin:)

XMP off (if activated, my CPU speed drops to 2.80Ghz in order to run the correct FSB to achieve the full rated 1600Mhz speed of the memory. The CPU multiplier then cannot be changed while XMP is on.

DRAM voltage: 1.888v.

CPU voltage: 1.284v.

All other voltages are standard.

NB strapping at 266Mhz with BIOS RAM multiplier of 2.50.


Reason: All in all, I want to achieve the highest possible RAM speed, whilst maintaining stability and the highest CPU OC. I have tried everything, from increasing the RAM multiplier, slacking the timings all the way to even 9-9-9-24 1T and 2T, increasing the NB/RAM/CPU voltage to reasonably high levels, messing around with the different NB straps etc. I have met some level of success, especially with using the 2T command rate and auto settings for the memory in the BIOS, but even this success suffers from system instability and different levels of POST/Booting sequences before the BIOS resets itself to safeguard the system.


I don't know what to do anymore to increase the RAM speed. I am thinking maybe this is the price to pay for a high FSB for the CPU OC. Or, it may be that the NB is getting too hot?


Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome. I can boot into windows on loose timings but with a 2T command rate. But the boot is strange and windows does not load properly (i.e. graphics are all messy), not to mention that it is very unstable.


Cheers guys! Any help would be appreciated in regards to tweaking this final/vital component of my rig.

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