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Shorter length modular cables for HX750?


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I was thinking if you never opened up the P/S case how could it matter? If the modular P/S went bad for some reason how would Corsair know you were using a shorter modular cable?

As PCCstudent says i doubt if there is anyway Corsair would be able to find out, but given i've just spent £120 on it (and that's alot of money for me) i would not take the gamble and use home made cables (even if Performance PC's are first rate), it's no major headache for me the cables are just cable tied together right now and it works OK, hopefully others who want shorter cables will keep posting in here and maybe someone will take not and do something about it, seems a bit silly to design modular PSU's then have dirty great long cables with no option to go shorter either in original purchase or as after market.




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