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Corsair TX650W shuts down and won't turn back on.


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I just built my first system. Everything went pretty smooth at first. I got the OS installed, all of the MB drivers, got Ethernet working, and started download some SW.


I was also copying some files (large video) form an external USB drive to a internal WD 500GB drive. The copy had been going for about 2hrs, and then windows (Vista 64) said it was shutting down. The computer turned off, and I wasn't able to turn it back on.


When I turn my power supply off/on, the MB lights turn on, all the fans turn on (3 case fans, the Power Supply fan, the graphics card fan, and the Rosewill CPU cooler), and then it just shuts back off (after about 5 seconds). It did this for hours. Finally, I left it all night, and it turned back on this morning. I installed a few programs and started copying the rest of the video from the USB drive. Again, after about an hour this time, the system shut down and will not turn back on.


It seems like something is overheating, and sending the OS a signal that it's going to shutdown. Would this be the CPU of the Power Supply? I touch the heat sink on the CPU, and it isn't even warm. The Power Supply is a little warm, but not hot by any means.


Help!! Thanks in advance!

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