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Power Supply Issues


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I have a Hp6180t In stock form, no bells or whistles. I have Intel Core2 Quad 2.5ghz, 6 gig of ddr3 ram, 1333 fsb.

Ok here is the issue. I have purchased A Corsair TX750. I have installed it and can't get windows to boot up. I have not installed my video card until I resolve this power supply problem. I'm sure that all my connections are correct.(tried different cable plugs ect) There are only 4. 24 pin, 4 pin for motherboard/fans, hard drive, dvd rom.

When I start the system all is well lights work HP backsplash comes up. As soon as windows starts with the black screen and the green night rider process bar the system shuts down and then re boots. I never get past the beginning windows load.

I have been in cmos and there is nothing there to adjust. When Windows restarts I get an error page that states Windows error. choose repair/reload windows or start windows normaly. (done both, no luck)

This is a new power supply and if the computer comes on and I can do anything in Cmos, run diagonostics(all check out ok) I don't feel that it is the power supply. I have been Dealing with HP Tech support for 4 hrs +. They said the power supply up grade is fine.

When I re-install my stock 300 watt PS everything works as it should.

Do I need to RMA the power supply or take it back to where I bought it?

Does Windows Vista have a pre set wattage/amps for each system?


I might purchase another PS and see if this one is faulty.

Please Help

Thanks Mike

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How do I find out if it is proprietary?

Here is my computer http://www.shopping.hp.com/series/category/desktops/p6180t_series/3/computer_store?jumpid=in_r329_personalization/browse1/landing_SDP


I went to Corsairs' web site and could not find my computer model #, because it is too new. I know that 750 watts is more than I need, but I would rather be over then under. I have spoken to HP tech support (their Second level techs) what ever that means, they told me that it should not be a problem to put in the larger PS. How do I know what to believe?


If I have to return this computer to Hp and up grade what do you suggest? I don't want to go broke, but I like gaming. I know that I will have to stick with HP in order to return the one I have.

I have the video card Gtx 275 and the power supply.


Wired, thanks for replying to this. Looks like no one wants to take a stab at this.:confused:

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You'd have to ask their technical support if the motherboard / PSU design in their computer follows the ATX v2.01 (or higher) specifications.


You have to give people time to respond. Don't forget this is a long weekend, so more people are away from home typically. Corsair won't be in the office until Tuesday I believe.

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Thanks a million. That was it. It was proprietary. Well the good news is that HP was awsome and took their computer back with out a fuss. The bad news I spent an extra 450 bucks and got the 9180 with the intel i-7 processor 9 gig of ram. I'm keeping my 750 power supply and my g-force 275. The new mother board has 2 pci 16 slots.:biggrin:. I kicked down 149.00 for a 21.5" monitor too. Could not pass up the deal. I will be in touch If this new computer gives me problems.

Thanks Again


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