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Hi All,


I have recently built a new Core i7 920 rig using an EVGA x58 SLI mobo and TR3X6G1600C8 memory.


When running the memory at 1600MHz I experience instability. after only a couple of minutes running linX I get a BSOD with error message page_fault_in_nonpaged_area.


I have tried many things to fix this including:


1) using xmp profile 1

2) manually setting speed to 2:12 and rasing the CPU VTT and setting DIMM voltage to 1.65v

3) Relaxing the timings


but each time I still get BSOD. I'm not OC'ing the processor - all other BIOS options are set to default.


I then proceeded to test each DIMM separately. Using the settings in 2) each individual DIMM passed 20 times in linX without BSOD and also made it through 10 passes of memtest86+.


I then tried using only two DIMMS. Again, this worked fine passing both linX and memtest.


As soon as I added the third I was back to BSOD after only a few minutes of running linX.


I have noticed that although I have set the DIMM voltage to 1.65, 1.70 is actually being used - is this normal? I also abserved this voltage when using the xmp profile 1.


I really have no idea what to do next. Your help would be much appreciated.




Just wanted to add that I have flashed my BIOS to the latest version!

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Yeah - I did try the very latest BIOS prior to enabling XMP. I have informed EVGA and the guy there was not sure why the auto VTT was being set to +200mV.


The reason I set the DIMM voltage to 1.6 Volts as opposed to 1.65 is because the MOBO increases it by some tolerance. When set to 1.65 the actual voltage is 1.70 - 1.71 Volts. Setting it to 1.60 actually offsets this tolerance and it performs as 1.65V. I figured running it at manufacutres spec is the best way forward!?



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