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Problems with TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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I have a problem with my dominator ram?


One of my two sticks gives errors on memtest 86+ It gives heaps of errors even in only 1 min of memtest. Im having random restarts etc when using this stick.


Im using an Evga 780i FTW with corsair 1000 wat psu


The ram is set only at 800 mhz 2.1 v at T2 times.

The 2nd stick is working ok without any errors on memtest 86+ (1 hr of testing) and I'm using it to post on these forums it seems to work without any glitch.


I doubt its the slots on the MB because when I stick in my old ram (2x1Gb sticks) in the same slots they are fine on memtest 86+ again 1 hr of testing.


Im wondering if I can get an RMA?

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