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BIOS Setting for New DDR Ram


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Hello, I just purchased your Corsair XMS TWINX2048-3200C2PT 2GB memory.


From what I have learned I will have to edit my BIOS to reflect the Ram as soon as it arrives. Can you tell me how I should do that like the reference in the letter I found below.


Also when the machine boots for the first time I only plan on using the above mentioned Corsair Dual Channel Kit, but plan to buy an identical kit as soon as I am able. In the meantime I will have 2 empty slots on board that I would like to use with some slower DDR ram(2 X Patriut PSD1G333) because I think it may help when I start to do some Video editing.


Will adding this extra older Ram for my video editing jobs affect the BIOS settings I am hoping to receive from you, or will it just be a temporary slowdown until I can purchase another Dual Channel set that is identical to my XMS TWINX2048-3200C2PT.


Thank you very much. Danny



Informative Letter I found:


To get your Ram to run properly try this. Contact Corsair and get the Bios speed settings for your memory. CAS, latency etc. I could not even get my board to run until I had these settings correct. Do not use the AUTO setting. I actually thought I had bad memory and stabbed some cheaper memory in. When I contacted corsair they told me because of the low latency of my Ram that I needed to SET THE BIOS. Not only did this correct my problem, the performance was quite drastic. The RAM GUY from Corsair told me running the bios in AUTO was a waste of good memory.


He promptly emailed me the proper settings for my ram and since I am a system builder for gaming machines, has done so for all the the current systems I have built. It is recommended to use the BLUE Dimm slots first when using Dual Channel Memory.

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It's never recommended to mix memory of different manufacturers, or of different part #s / version #s / lot #s.


As for the BIOS settings, they should be on the label itself. If not, it's 2-3-3-6 @ 2.75v (don't go above 2.90 volts). No guarantees when mixing of course.

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