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Constant buzzing noise from HX520


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Even when my PC is turned off, there is a low buzzing noise coming from my PSU which is easily audible for anybody in the room. I have quite a demanding system which is probably pushing my HX520 to the limit, but I don't think it's based on load because the noise doesn't change much (there is a bit of difference) between when idle and when running Furmark and Intel Burn Test at the same time.


This even happens when my PC is turned off, so I have to unplug it or use the switch on the PSU when I turn it off because I think it must be drawing power even when the PC is turned off. I think it might be a faulty transformer that's staying on and making this noise?


Otherwise, the functionality is fine, and i'm quite impressed it runs a 4Ghz 920 and an OCed GTX280 both at max load without dying. Just the noise is quite annoying.


EDIT: Just a bit more info, the noise is a lot quieter, but still audible when the PC is turned off. When I boot up, it only becomes louder when the Vista logo appears after loading. Disabling C1E and EIST also didn't help.

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