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X128 Crash and Freeze when AHCI is enabled


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I cant get my system to boot Win7, XP, or Vista when AHCI is enable with the SSD. All my other hdd boots fine with AHCI. When i disable AHCI, the ssd works perfectly fine. What is causing it to crash using AHCI?


The X128 SSD shows up in bios when booting.

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Sometimes it depends on the chipset type on your motherboard as to whether it will work or not (Nvidia chipsets are notorious for failing in this area) .... here's a snippet from an article on AHCI, not sure if it will help you or not, but if your SSD works fine in either IDE or RAID mode (assuming you have a raid) then leave it and enjoy the performance increase with your SSD :)


Common problems switching to AHCI under Windows :



•Enabling AHCI in a system BIOS will cause a 0×7B Blue Screen of Death STOP error (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) on installations of Windows XP where AHCI/RAID drivers for that system’s chipset are not installed. Switching to AHCI mode requires installing new drivers before changing the BIOS settings.


•For Intel chipsets (for example, Intel ICH9) drivers are available from either an OEM board or computer manufacturer. For the Intel versions, the driver must be loaded before loading the OS (by pressing F6 as setup starts).The Intel drivers will work for both XP and Vista. Also, in the case of ICH9, an unsupported method to enable AHCI on ICH9 is available.


•When attempting to install Microsoft Windows XP or a previous version on an AHCI-enabled system will cause the setup to fail with the error message “set up could not detect hard disk drive…”. This problem can only be corrected by either using a floppy disk with the appropriate drivers, by slipstreaming the appropriate drivers into the Windows XP installation CD or by turning on IDE emulation in the BIOS settings if available (usually called as COMPATABILITY or ACPI).


•Enabling AHCI in a system BIOS with Windows Vista already installed will result in a BSoD if SATA has been running in IDE mode during Vista’s installation. Before enabling AHCI in the BIOS, users must first follow the instructions found at Microsoft Knowledge Base article 922976.


•Enabling AHCI in a system BIOS on installations of Windows XP or Windows Vista will cause SATA Optical drives to disappear. A Hotfix for Windows Vista is available under the title: “SATA optical drives are not available after you start a Windows Vista-based computer.” This problem is also fixed in Vista SP1.

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Took the SSD and put it into my HP laptop that has AHCI and it worked so it wasnt the SSD that was the problem. Updated my bios to verision 10D and everything worked like a charm. I was on bios F8 when i was having AHCI problems.

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