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X128 Raid 0 Performance


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Little confused on some numbers I am getting.


HD Tach and HD Tune Pro was reporting my Read at around 150mbs using Raid 0. Crystaldisk was showing Seq Read of 314 and Random 512k of 295mbs and Seq Write 309 Random 512k write of 239. ATTO looked like the ones from here, http://www.corsair.com/systembuild/report.aspx?report_id=1084686&sid=7


So I switched on Intel Matrix Storage option for Write-Back Cache Enabled.


HD Tach and HD Tune show about 500mbs for Read

Crystaldisk -

Seq Read 424, Write 311,

Random 512k 208 for read and 224 for write.

ATTO - Around 400 for write and 500-510 reads.


Why the big difference from this setting change? The low reads before on HD Tach and HD Tune did not sound right. Now the numbers look great but seems to cause a dip on Random 512k for Crystaldisk.

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You should try a tool called AS SSD BENCHMARK. I think the fellow posted it on a thread in this forum some time ago. It's used by many review sites when testing SSDs. HDTune, HDTach and crystaldiskmark often give inconsistant and unreliable results in many cases. AS SSD is much more consistent.



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