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How silent is HX520W?


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Hello. I want to buy a really silent power supply and i like VX-550, TX-650 and HX-520. All of them use the same fan (AD1212HB-A71GL rated at 2200RPM and 12V) but with different fan speed controller. From a review http://www.silentpcreview.com/article692-page4.html , I know the voltages of the fans at specific load -

the fan voltage of HX-520 from 0W to 300W is 3.88V, at 400W is 5.95V, the fan voltage of TX-650 from 0W to 250W is 3.9V, at 300W is 4.8V and at 400W is 8.8V. That makes the HX-520 more silent than TX-650.

Does anyone know what are the RPM of the fan of HX-520 from 0W to 300W, and at 400W. Knowing that I'll have much better idea how silent is HX-520W.

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well i dunno much about voltage details but ive had 3 of the hx520 psus for about a year and a half in my kids systems and in my htpc and they are very quiet.


im not an engineer but to me the numbers you have should be backwards. i would think the 650 would need less fan speed as it wouldnt be working as hard. if the 520 was at 60% its working harder than the 650 to keep the same power going. unless corsair has the 650 made by another supplier, which might compensate for the difference.

anyway the 3 hx520 psus i have i really like and have had no issues with sound.

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