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faulty Memory; Problem with Replacement


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Hi There,

hope someone can help me here.

Had major troubles with my computer and found after eliminating HDD, Power Supply and Grafix that the MOST EXPENSIVE part, one of my four VS1GB400C3 (not even one year old) was pagefaulting (or rather pagesomersaulting). Kind of p***ed my off a bit.

System runned on 2 GB then instead of 4GB before.

After a month I now have the replacement and when installing the replaced two modules the Computer beeps continually (beep, no beep, beep, and s on...). There's not even access to BIOS.

The Diag says the STOP occurs at "Initializing JEDEC of current DRAM".


I then tried every possible combination: 2 Banks (0-1) with the old RAM: working

2 Banks old RAM (0-1), 2 Banks new RAM (2-3): BEEP

2 BANKS old RAM, 1 Bank new RAM: BEEP



I also tried every combination of Bank and old/new RAM.


The result: the new RAM doesn't work with my System, but is of course the same like the old one (VS1GB400C3).


Does anybody have an idea, what this is all about ? Obviously the older RAM is from December 2008 (date of purchase) and the replacement RAM is newer...


Help is greatly appreciated.

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I did try only one of the new, and each of them, in every combination, as I wrote. The new ones don't work. I suspect either two defunct ones (new ?) or a different manufacturing process and my board won't like them. But the 1 year old ones of the same type work. Any other ideas ?

I don't see what resetting my board has to do with it - when the one died I only removed them and now I put in the returned new ones. The system isn't oc'ed.

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Yep, did all that.

I suspect that the (different) Chips off the new RAM don't work with my board (anymore-because the old chips did), so RMA doesn't really solve my problem.

So it really sucks because the Memory is especially mentioned for my board.

You should remove the compatibilty from the memory finder database.

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