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TWIN3X4096-1600C9DHX question


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I have been trying to get my Ram (Corsair TWIN3X4096-1600C9DHX 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3)To run at 1600MHz with no luck at all so far.My CPU is OC'd to: 3400MHz which would mean my Ram should run at 1700MHz to give me 1:2 (I Think).

So first out I back clocked my cpu to: 3200MHz and tried to run the Ram at 1600MHz which eventually I got windows to boot but every Stress Test I tried Failed almost instantly but there was no freezing it just said i was unstable.My voltages were as follows: VCore::1.23125 CPU PLL::Auto DRAM (well on the sticks it says 1.8v So i set it to that)and NB Voltage is:: 1.29v I tried pretty much all of the FSB Staps::(200-400MHz) and timings left on 9,9,9,24. While I was testing trying to get the Ram to become stable @ 1600MHz I think I went to about 1.39-1.41v on the North Bridge and still no luck.Since I have been OC'd at 3400MHz I have only needed 1.29-1.31v On the NB I dont want to really push it coz there is no telling what the temp is.


On my board it also gives an option if all is set to auto you can set Ram to *1600* or *1800* and the BIOS configures the rest for ya and on *1600* it went all fine but i dont like the settings on auto so I am trying to find what settings it uses and manually set them.


Ideally I would like to keep my current Overclock as it is a Rock but i would like to get my Ram up to 1700MHZ to match along side my cpu here is a couple of pics in my current state::ims4uw.png.47ff5fbb15815a0d2a43008c8305c20c.png11jxc9g.png.9bfb2020c0d72ed331c38f27448c47a7.png

But if i cant do that then i will run @ CPU 3200MHZ, and RAM @ 1600MHZ

So if anyone has a few pointers it would be appreciated.


/EDIT: Also i have tried upping the volts on the Ram but the highest i went to was 1.92 - 1.94


/EDIT: Here is my BIOS


AI Tweaker:


AI Overclock Tuner : Manual

CPU Ratio : 8

FSB Strap to North Bridge : 200MHZ or 266,333,400

FSB Frequency : 425

PCIE Frequency : 100

DRAM Frequency : .......... At the moment 1417MHZ

DRAM Command Rate : Auto - or 1N - 2N

DRAM CLK Skew on Channel A : Auto

DRAM CLK Skew on Channel B : Auto

DRAM Timings : 8,8,8,20 - depending on the DRAM Freq.

RAS# to CAS# Delay : Auto

Ref Cycle time : Auto

Write Recovery Time : Auto

Read to Pre Time : Auto

Read to Write Delay (S/D) : Auto

Write to Read Delay (S) : Auto

Write to Read Delay (D) : Auto

Read to Read Delay (S) : Auto

Read to Read Delay (D) : Auto

Write to Write Delay (S) : Auto

Write to Write Delay (D) : Auto

DRAM Static Read Control : Auto

DRAM Dynamic Write Control : Auto

AI Clock Twister : Auto - or Light,Moderate,Strong

AI Transaction Booster : Auto - or if Enabled I get (Boost Level # 1 - 8)


And the rest are Voltages, Sorry if alot of this is irrelevant but I am just trying to provide as much info as i can. Thanks

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Im having the same problem,

I bought the Q9550 ive overclocked it to 3454.3 mhz at the moment everything seem stable.

but certainly cant get the ram to run at 1600 i contacted support from my motherboard they pointed me with some things to try... but

it wouldnt even boot


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Try and lower the O.C. on your CPU and the memory cannot be set faster than the CPU FSB. What is the highest stable frequency you can reach with the CPU FSB and memory frequency set 1-1?


Hi RamGuy,


Thanks for getting back to me, If i lower the cpu to 8x400 to give me a Core Speed of 3200MHZ and a Rated FSB of 1600MHZ then set RAM to 1600MHZ it also fails almost instantly, I will try 8x375 to give me a Core Speed of 3000MHZ next.At the moment the highest CPU FSB and memory Frequency with CPU @ 3400MHZ and RAM @ 860MHZ (1:1) (this is the highest (1:1) I can Get)w6v6ly.png.aef9b6d29e21aec5a56b19a9ee999f60.png I hope this is what you meant I will go and try out the 8x375. Thanks

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