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Hi, I'm experiencing similar problems as Sparky666 with the Twin 2X4096-8500C5D ram.I'm running an Asus P5Q Pro MB. System remains stable for approximately a day and then BSODs. I've manually changed bios settings to the Rams reccommended settings. I've run memtest numerous times. Inconclusive. I get errors on both sticks right after a BSOD but if I take them out and change slots the errors mysteriously vanish. Runs okay for about a day again and then bam, another BSOD. I'm at my wits end as to what can be done. I have one other thing I'm not sure about. I purchased my ram through newegg.ca. Am I covered under the lifetime warranty? or are they not on the list of authorized resellers? If I can't get them replaced I'll just go buy a different kind of ram because this is intolerable.
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