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HX620, active PFC and sinusoidal wave UPS


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Dear all, I am the happy owner of a HX620 PSU, which performed quite well in my system (even if it sometimes get a little hot).


The problem is that my faithful UPS (APC Back-UPS 650VA) abandoned me after 7 years of service, and now, since I must get a new UPS, I came across several forum posts which say that if the PSU has active PFC (as HX620 has), then one must get a UPS which gives a pure sinusoidal wave in battery mode, otherwise PSU damage should happen.


Now my question is: is it also the case of HX620? Do I need buying an UPS with pure sinusoidal waveform?


Thank you in advance for your replies.

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Thank you, RAM GUY.


Now, I had few doubts that pure-sinewave UPS would function well with HX620.


My real question is: If I have a non-pure-sinewave (approximate sinewave) UPS, even of good brand (e.g. APC) and adequate power (e.g. 800 VA), di I risk PSU brockage if the UPS goes on battery mode, due to the active PFC present in Corsair PSU?


Please keep in mind that a pure-snusoidal UPS costs two- to- four times more than a non-pure-sinusoidal one. While some producers like Enermax specifically state that non-pure-sinusoidal UPS cannot be used with their active PFC PSU, no information on this issue (if exists) could be found by me in the user manual of the PSU.


Thank you in advance for any more answers.


P.S. I came across these two related posts, can you confirm me that the infos are still valid, e.g. I can use a non-pure-sinewave UPS with HX620 without any problems but a buzz from PSU?





Thank you again

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