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Small question regarding Corsair H50 tube length.


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Okay I am thinking about replacing my Noctua NH-U12P with the Corsair H50. However, I was wondering what the tube length is for the Corsair H50.


Cause I have a big case, the Lian Li V2000, which dimensions are: 8.3"w x 24.3"h x 24.6d (210 x 617 x 625mm).


So as you can see the case is pretty deep: 625mm.

Corsair advices to use the H50 with sucking cold air from outside the case. Therefor I want to place the H50 in front of my enclosure.


To make sure this is possible with my enclosure, I need to know the tube length of the H50, if possible.


Thanks in advance.

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Ouch, only 28 cm.

Guess if I buy the Corsair H50, I will have to place it on the rear side of my PC (push-n-pull setup) and make it blow outside. Letting it blow inside is not an option for me. :S


Thanks for the quick answer though.

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