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I have a similar problem and my Ram is a dual channel kit and I can boot with one stick, but the other will not boot. My computer started giving me blue screen after blue screen with the Ram and finally I took it out. I remember I had a previous dual channel kit, but its only a gig, but it worked fine. After using this for a little while I decided to put the COrsair back in and the Ram would not post without a blue screen. I then put the sticks in one at a time and it worked for one and not the other. I am using the previous Ram now with no problems for nearly a month now, and have concluded it must be the Ram. I checked the timings and Corsair recommends 2.7 and that is what I had set, and I also tried all the slots to make sure it was not my MB too. I had used memtest with no errors with the one stick I got to post. If there are any ideas I have not thought of I would be happy to know...thanx
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