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Bad TWIN2X4096-8500C5D G after RMA


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I originally RMA'd this RAM near the beginning of summer, after which my build worked fine for a ~2 weeks. However, the original problem I had with the first set began to re-occur. I would get bluescreens/errors in memtest after a day or more of running the computer until I restarted (the errors occur very irregularly so it has been hard to reproduce)


Since I had already RMA'd the RAM, I assumed another part must have been causing the problem and I began changing parts. Originally, i ran the RAM with a Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H motherboard but switched to an ASUS M4A78-EM but the problem occurred on both boards. I then switched the Phenom II 920 with a Phenom II 720 but the problem still persisted. Today I was able to put the Corsair RAM in another computer and switched in another brand of RAM. The computer with the Corsair RAM almost immediately had thousands of errors in memtest (but is now working fine after restarting the computer) while the off brand I'm currently using has been stable. (luckily I was able to use the parts from another system so I didn't have to buy them)


It seems unlikely to me that I got two bad sets of RAM but I don't see any other alternative. (I have already tried varying timings/voltages/clock speeds on the RAM to no avail) I have also tried each stick individually short term with no problems (but like I said, the errors are irregular and only start after more than a day or even week of running) The fact that it occurs after a long period of running and that restarting fixes the problem makes me think heat might be a problem but I have been constantly checking all the temperatures and nothing is overheating


So should I try RMA'ing the RAM again?



I should add that before swapping out the different motherboard and then CPU, I had originally tried to RMA the Gigabyte Motherboard and then the AMD CPU. Both Gigabyte and AMD tested the parts and then sent them back saying they couldn't find anything wrong with them.

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