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Flash Voyager not recognized anymore by my car audio player


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I've been using a Flash Voyager 64GB for the last 10 months with success in my car: The memory stick was loaded with 40GB of MP3 files, which I could listen through the audio system of my car by connecting it to the USB input. It worked perfectly well !


Since yesterday, the car audio system keeps trying to read the stick without success. I of course tried another memory stick in the car which worked perfectly well. The problem might then come from the Flash Voyager, although it works correctly when I connect it to a PC.


I finally decided to format the Flash Voyager with the tool recommended in this forum: Format Utility for HC Flash Drives 64 Gig and Larger!. The memory stick still works correctly with my PC, but is now even not recognized anymore by my car audio system: The blue light on the stick flickers 2 times and turns definitely off.

I tried to format both in FAT32 or NTFS but the result stays the same.


The HDBENCH tool gave the following results: Read: 20670, Write: 4641, RandomRead: 18050, RandomWrite: 1620. The Write speed seems to be too low isn't it ?


Thanks for your advise.

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