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Obsidian 800D / Hydro H50


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I'll be putting in my pre-order by the end of the week for the 800D case as well as the H50 liquid cooler. I understand the case is geared to hardcore watercooling solutions but I like the case for other reasons as well. I plan on getting the H50 cooler to go with the case but I did have some questions on having both together.


I understand the cooler requires an intake from the exhaust part of the case and I was wondering what the optimal setup would be with the Obsidian 800D in terms of airflow. Would I need to make any changes in stock fan directions?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Just like the original posting above, i've put in the preorder for the Obsidian and am still concidering the H50, but in this setup i had the following question.


- Mounting the H50 on the back fan location of the Obsidian means that the stock 140mm cooler has to be removed? Or is there a way still to have both the H50 fan, and the case fan to be mounted in unison?


Or would it just be beter to plop down an additional 120mm fan for the radiator, and 3 more on top, and one more for the bottom HDD tray?

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Can anyone confirm whether mounting the H50 on top is feasible on the Obsidian 800D? I'm thinking of going with this configuration with a push-pull setup mounted at the top.




just by design it makes more sense to mount the h50 on the rear fan using it as an intake. the fans you install on the top of the case will be your best exhaust.

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