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Worried about my RMA

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I recently purchased the Corsair HX750 for a new system build. I was very happy with the Power Supply. The build went very smoothly. I noticed the power supply was very quiet so I inspected it and found that the Fan was not working at all. I ran the system for an hour or two as I installed the OS, all the current drivers and software. The build was excellent.


I took the power supply out and did the paperclip test and then contacted tech support and got an RMA approval. Yesterday I very carefully packed the power supply back up with everything it came with and put it into a larger box completely surrounded in packing peanuts and shipped it in for RMA. ($17.57 Parcel Post)


Today I went to plug in my new swivel-arm lamp on my workbench and wouldn't ya know it, there behind the workbench pluged into the powerstrip, was the power cord for the power supply that I had just sent in for RMA.


I was wondering if anyone knows if this is giong to give Corsair a reason not to send me a replacement. Should I wrap the cord and mail it in right away?


I can not tell you how much I need this system for my business. I hope that this stupid mistake won't cost me $170

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