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TWIN2X4096-8500 and Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3


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I would like to know if anyone managed to used 2.00D memory strap with these modules and P45-UD3 series motherboard. If I go over roughly 480MHz FSB, the PC will refuse to even POST with D strap. I would like to find out if it's problem with memory vs the board or some specific settings I'd need to use. Everyone around me who is overclocking into similar values (500+ FSB) is happily using it. I will appreciate any tips and experiences. Thanks ahead!

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E4800 CPU E0 revision

the memory in question :)

Gigabyte EP45-UD3P rev1.0

Radeon 4870

Enermax MODU82+ PSU

Samsung SpinPoint HDD


Stable configuration I am not sure about, because I spent the whole last month tweaking and testing; last week what used to be rock stable suddenly fails in Prime95.

Anyway, even before I couldn't get the 2.00D strap to work with anything above IIRC 485 FSB. After that the PC would just not POST and keep resetting itself. 2.00B works even at 540.


I managed to get the PC to pass 24 hours of both CPU and chipset+memory test with 1.36875 VCORE and 540x7.5 configuration, and memory straight up to their specification (15-5-5-5, 2.1V).

Other previously long time stable setup would be 533x7.5, 1.32500VCORE and memory as before.

Using Performance Enhance Standard, and Extreme Memory Profile Disabled. Advanced timings all Auto except for CMD=2, and tRD=10, Driving Strength Profile=1066MHz.


I hope that's enough information.


I am asking because several people told me that the D strap should be more stable with higher FSB. Either way, I don't get it why it should not work. Best would be to find another person with same memory and board to check.

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I am not familiar with that MB enough to make heads or tails out of what you posted. It would really help if you posted the exact settings you changed from default. And the Strap settings may have little to do with over clocking and in most cases I would set the Strap for the chipset to DDR667 or DDR800 with HIGH CPU FSB's, but think of that settings as an interlink setting for the memory controller to the chipset and as you over clock the CPU you may need to relax the NB Strap setting because of loading on the memory controller. In other words if the strap is set to aggressive it will bottle neck the CPU and if its to lax it will bottle neck the memory controller.
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