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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D Dead for the Third Time!


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First of all, I am a PC Techician. I build tons of computers every day. I thought I knew about problematic memory but this takes the cake.


The ram was originally purchased 6/8/2008, and ran 2.1v 1066 5-5-5-15 2T until January, when it started hitting BSOD's after the system had gone in and out of standby at least once. Figuring that I would be out of my RAM for a week, I replaced the motherboard and CPU through eVGA and Intel while my RAM was being replaced, this occured 1/22/2009. I got all the replacement parts, and it ran 1066MHz dual channel 2.1v until 3/26/2009, when I started getting the same issue of instability after returning from standby, so out of annoyance more than anything else I make the following changes:

  1. Moved both modules into a single channel (slots nearest CPU)
  2. Changed memory module speed to 800MHz 5-7-7-24 with stock voltage.
  3. Disabled standby and discontinued use of it.

And I have been running it like that since then...until a week ago.


I got a BSOD and noticed that my processor temperatures were higher than usual, so I figured I would simplify things by dismantling the entire system, cleaning, inspecting, and rebuilding. Upon removal of my processor, I noticed a small plastic manufacturing particle hanging from the inner ZIF socket edges but not reaching the pins. It may have caused a lack of contact with certain pins when installed. Regardless, I used an exacto to remove this piece of hanging plastic, reinstalled the CPU, and decided to try my luck running the memory at 1066 dual channel 5-5-5-18 2T with 2.1v.


It ran fine for a week, but started BSOD's again. Now I HAVE to run the memory in single channel to see some stability, or one module alone for complete stability!


Memtest fails on anything more than one module at a time, but testing the modules individually yields absolutely no issues whatsoever.


I am so tired of this fiasco, I don't even know what could be causing it at this point. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Vista x64 could be the issue, but memtest failing with both modules yet running fine with either stick alone ruled that out for me. What does that narrow it down to, the board or proc, or am I missing something here?


Thanks for reading.


Edit: Just tested it in a HP DC7800 desktop, they are running fine. What could be causing this issue?

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Wired, for the last 18 hours, I have been running my system with 2GB of Corsair XMS2 800MHz (1GB in each channel) and it hasn't crashed yet, and of that time I played Wolfenstein from 5:30PM to 1AM without a hitch. Do you still think the motherboard needs investigating?


So far the ram in question works in another system but not in mine, and my system runs dual channel stable with other memory. So weird...

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