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CMPSU-650TXEU (TX650W) REALLY low +5V Issue

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I have questions regarding warranty and how to best explain to the reseller about this problem. I've had issues with my PSU since I bought it about 5 months ago, and I haven't investigated it until now when I have discovered some actual issues with my Powersupply.



Ever since I bought this PSU I've had a beeping noise when I've powered off my computer. Just as it cuts power it produces a loud but fading beep from the PSU (and yes, I have traced the noise to the PSU). Recently I found that one or more of my SATA disks clicks regularly. But when I tried to pinpoint wich one it was, I found that ALL my SATA devices was clicking at the same time (on both SATA power channels) at regular intervalls. Upon this discovery I decided to check my voltage levels by using the only program for checking I have installed, CPUID HW Monitor, and it shows for +5V: 4.30V and even supposing there is an error in measuring, it is REALLY REALLY low.


Is this a solid case of a faulty PSU?


So, to beef up my proof so no retarded techsupport from the reseller returns a no-fix and takes my money, is there perhaps a more sure and secure way to measure voltage?


Since my Old PSU was 580W and it ran for 2 years previous, the 650W should be sufficiant.

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Good call!


It reports 5.03V, wich is all fine. However, it does not explain the power-off noise or all my SATA drives clicking at the same moment every 10 seconds. Are all +5V on the same grid? Because it is quite straightforward to measure with a multimeter for dips.

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You can easily test a power supply for functionality with a simple paperclip. First, disconnect all the cables from your motherboard and other devices, but leave the power supply plugged into the wall. Next, bend the paperclip until you have a U shape. Find the 24-pin ATX connector and plug one part of the paperclip into the socket where the green wire ends, and the other end into the socket where a black wire ends. Make sure the power switch on the back of the PSU is on, (should be the I symbol) and the fan should spin up. If it doesn’t, your power supply may be bad.


If you’re uncomfortable with this, numerous online retailers sell “Power Supply Testers” that come in a variety of forms and prices.


You can also visit this link for detailed instructions: http://www.asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=63991


Try with one hard drives plugged in and see if it still makes the clicking noise.

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