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Intermittent Boot w/failure to get SPD data


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Good Morning:


Have an older system here that has worked well for several years. Recently began having intermittent boot failures. no beeps, no video. the HD spins up and the various drives are being scanned, but the system does not come up. If I cycle the power several times, it may finally come up as normal. Sometimes boots on second try, sometimes still wont after a dozen. But then it might sit overnite and come up on the first or second try next day. Once booted it runs fine for as long as I need it to go--24 hours or more in some cases. No faults or problems.


A few times now, it has given a Bios boot error as failure to detect SPD data.


Replaced the CPU and the PS with no change.


I have re-seated the RAM and it seems to make no difference.


The system has the latest Intel BIOS CY91510A.86A .0040


Has been set to SDRAM Control Auto

CPC Override Auto


SPD defined as 4.0-4-4-12


Cant find anywhere that it refers to the memory voltage.


I have seen a few other posts here and there that describe this intermittent problem with other systems but never have seen a definitive solution or result.


Any suggestions?





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