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Seeking timing numbers on my mem


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Bought 2 sticks of 1gb DDR1 PC 3200 from my local Best Buy and the Part number (as seen in my specs) is not popping up with ANY search results either in your site OR online search engines. Two things I know. This memory is NOT XMS memory (because it does not have heat spreaders on it) nor is it Value Select memory, because it does not have "value select" written on the dimms or dimm chips. Come to think of it.... it's weird, I got both in "corsair" packages, and didn't notice until now (now that I'm looking close at the chips on the dimms), one of the dimms says "Corsair 64m8bdag pra1100908" on it, the other says "hynix 904A C HY4OU12822OTP-D43 KOR" on it. Does Corsair outsource for some of their chips, or should I return these claiming I didn't get the dimms I was supposed to?
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No idea what the 2nd part number is. CMR1G400 could be part of their new part number schema, but either it's missing information or the info I've seen is incomplete. IF that is one of their new part numbers, it means Corsair Memory Retail 1 GB 400 MHz.



I'd return it solely based upon the 2nd stick not saying Corsair on it. When you go to return it, tell them you want to replace it with the same. They'll have you get a pack from the shelf. It probably comes in clear plastic so you can check the label right there.

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No idea what the 2nd part number is.


Sorry, guess I should have been more specific... those second sets of numbers are the info that is printed on the chips (that are on the dimms) themselves. But both sets have a corsair sticker on it, with serial numbers.


Also I re-checked the numbers on the Hynix labeled chips, I misprinted, but I found them on the Hynix site




They're listed as 512 max on their site but my comp is still reading 2 GB for both together.


And is the retail version the same as the value select that I saw on the Best Buy website? Cuz I want to set my timings to the correct sets. I can look up the value dimm timings. If so... lol, I WAY overpaid. I expected to pay a bit more since I was buying from BestBuy, but I paid about 70 buck per 1gig stick.... for VALUE mem.

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If corsair doesn't make ICs then why are the second dimm's ICs stamped with the corsair logo on them?

Well, I'm still returning the Hynix stamped to the store in exchange for Corsair stamped ones. Frankly, I can't find if they're both running on the same timings. ...


The reason I started looking into all this was because, after upgrading my system...

CPU to 400FSB

mem from a 512 and 256 (don't ask me what the speeds were) to 2 1gb mem 400mhz

Siluro Geforce2 TI4200 64mb AGP card to Evga geforce 6200 512mb AGP card


I started getting these 'random' shutdowns. I presumed at first that it was the Mobo cutting power before the CPU could overheat, but after tweaking the fans inside a little, I can stand there and hold my fingers on the heatsink for a long time with no problems... (doesn't seem to cross about 47c).... but still getting the random shutdowns.


I know none of this is your problem, and I don't expect solutions from you. Just thought I'd share what pulled me into this world. Heh.

I'm still in the process of trial and error to solve the situation.

At this point, I've nearly ruled out the memory as a cause, and my first sentence will rule it out completely (unless my mobo mem controler can't handle the 2gb, but it's supposed to be able to handle up to 3gb)

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Most memory manufacturers don't make ICs. They buy them in bulk, test them to their specs (if they weren't made to their specs), and them add them to their PCB (which may not be made by them either, but usually made to their custom spec). They also add the heat spreaders, etc.
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