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PSU Voltages


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Wire, What voltages are carried by a PCIe connector?Do some GPU's use more than one? I asking to figure out why so many are offered. My ASUS M4A79T Deluxe has 4 PCIe slots but thats the most I have ever seen on a MB. My HX1000 has a total of 6 PCIe cables.


Well I answered my own question I just bought the XFX GeForce GTX 275 896mb from the egg for $247.00 (with shipping) and the specs say it uses 2x6 pin PCIe connectors but I must ask,whats the free connector with 2 terminals for (attached to the 6 pin PCIe cable?) Finally I think I may be at the end of purchases for this gaming build,OH yes I still need a high performance HD,it never ends. I do find these builds to be very enjoyable though. Cant wait to see how high I can overclock the machine and how well Flight Simulator FX runs,and how cool my first custom watercool job works. How fast and how cool will it be? Thats the fun part.


I know my posts are different,I just don't have problems with my Corsair equipment,so I talk about what is working good,not everyone is having problems,we should talk more about what is working correct IMHO.

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