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CMG6GX3M3A2000C8 ''Gigabyte 4Ghz I7 920''


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Just try to reach 2000Mhz my CMG6GX3M3A2000C8 on Gigabyte X58 Extreme Core I7 920 D0 overclocked at 4Ghz ...1200Mhz is the max default I got after overclock.


I followed this Tutorial for overclocking help



Im looking for Bios setting For 2Ghz memory and keep my 4Ghz CPU, need help thx!

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HT enabled or disabled?


From my experience, the QPI voltage seems too high for 1600mhz RAM. I have noticed that my chip will loose stability due to voltages being higher than the 'sweet spot'. Also, your NB seems clocked too high for 1600 RAM. I'm pretty sure mine is only double the RAM speed (not at my comp right now). So you should be pushing around 3200mhz on the NB. My RIIE likes a touch more voltage than stock on the NB.


Have you tried these settings (these are based on a different mobo but they may start to get you somewhere):


bclk: 200

cpu multi: 20 (possibly an odd multi may be better, 19 or 21)

turbo: disabled

uncore freq: 4000mhz (should be the lowest, atleast 2x RAM speed)

qpi rate: lowest possible



HT: disabled

C1E: disabled

Speedstep (EIST): disabled


RAM: 2000

Timings: 8-8-8-24-2t

vDRAM: 1.65

vCore: 1.375 (might have to tweak + or - a bit)

vQPI: 1.6 (watch temps, HT disabled should help but still be careful, i needed 1.625 to run RAM at 2000mhz)

vIOH: 1.38 (NB voltage)


Alt. RAM settings


RAM: 1600

Timings: 7-7-7-20-2t

vDRAM: 1.65 (with these settings, I believe you can lower this voltage a touch, but start here)

vCore: 1.375 (+ or -)

vQPI: 1.39

vIOH: 1.25



These helped me find my 'sweet spot', but I am using a different mobo and ram. I found that it's better for me to run my RAM at 1683 6-7-6-17-2t @1.65v. It seems just as fast for gaming as 2000 7-8-7-20-2t, but my temps are much cooler and I can get my CPU to 4.4Ghz HT disabled. I hope this helps.




*RealTemp 3.0 and IntelBurnTest v2.3 are what I am using to test and monitor temps*

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