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TW3X4G1600C9DHX errors


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Hi. I have this ram (2x2 Gb modules) and I'm aware it won't run @ 1600 MHz on my particular MB (found that out after purchase...) Thats's OK. I have it set @ 1333MHz 7-7-7-20 timings and 1.81v. Thought it was all good - my system can prime all night and pass 30+ mins of LinX / IBT.

Ran Memtest last night. Have run it for short periods before, but never for very long, over an hour to get %100 "coverage" running 2 instances (1 per core). CPU was running cool, NB temps were good. One instance finished %100 with zero errors ... but the other one reported 2 x errors @ (I think) %95 and %97 of memory tested, and told me I should fix this, but didn't suggest how...

1) As these errors were in almost the last "bit" tested - will they only occur if my system is using all available RAM?

2)Might this be why my comp very occasionally freezes when gaming?

3)How can I "fix" it - don't really want to buy new ram, and as I originally thought I could run these @ 1600, not to keen in slowing down to less than 1333...

Loosen the timings? Up the voltage? What should I do?


edit - not memtest86+ that most use - this (windows based) one. http://hcidesign.com/memtest/

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Done (just the 1 run so far) with 0 errors. :)

Will let it go overnight just to be sure.

My memory's as good as I thought it was.

(The corsair modules that is, I forget lots of stuff personally)

Thanks for your help and patience Ram Man - you must have gone through the same thing with 100's - 1000's of other n00bs before...

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