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Ram upgrade problem


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I am relatively new to this whole upgrade process. I purchased 2 1 gig corsair ram sticks. My computer already had 2 x 512mb sticks in it. My problem is that after installing the extra ram..I put the 2 x 1g in the first 2 slots and the 2 x 512 in the second two slots..My computer will not boot up. It starts and as soon as it tries to display the intel page before the windows xp page it freezes and there is noise lines all through the screen. I took out the 2 512 sticks and the computer boots fine. I then tried putting the 2 512's back in and taking out the 2 1g and again it works fine. I have tried all possible combinations when installing the ram and each time the results are the same.

Not sure if this means anything but when I replace the ram a screen comes up which says 2040mb ram loaded or 1020mb if I use the 2 512's.


Any help, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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