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problem of noise TX650W on Gaming


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Hello everyone


I will present my "small" problem


My pc is a quad core 9400 with 4GB of PC8500 ram GSKill on a asus micro atx, on screen and acer 21 inch TV my philips 52 inches


I just replaced my graphics card with a Gigabyte GTX260OC with and I change my diet a corsair TX650 for good food.


Since 1 month I play games like Burnout Paradise, Street Fighter 4, farcry 2 ect .... and I'm glad it's all very nice on my 21 than my 52 inches, as beautiful as my ex PS3 (fly)


I just bought WOLFENSTEIN at launch on my screen 21 p noise in the diet is heard


on my 52 inch the game already does that launches in 1600 pixel and not 1920, then my food is a terrible BZZZZZZZZZ


Will it burn? I do not understand the other games do not make noise, I heard a concern between the GTX260 cards and supply corsair


my concern is that 1 months that I buy this equipment and never had this concern, I do not think it will help me at the shop for a game ...


you have a solution?


In any case thank you for letting me read and I'll post a video to hear!


Here is the link it will take up the sound:



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