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Possible incorrect connector


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I recently bought a HX850w PSU to build a new rig.


The captive 8 pin atx connector does not look like


http://www.corsair.com/_images/products/hx_eps-atx12v_8-4_pin.jpg this

as the images on both the website and the box it came in suggests.


Taking the orientation as per the image, and using squares and half rounds to describe the pins, the 4 righthand pins of my connector are all half rounds, not the mixture of squares and half rounds I believe the images show it should be.


Using another way to describe it...it should be a mirror image about the centre. Mine isn't.


Consequently it doesn't fit the socket on my new motherboard, only the left hand pins (as per the image).


Have I misinterpreted something, or does it need to go back?



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Thanks for the reply Wired.

Your quote about "any socket" snapped me out of the fixation of it being wrong. I kept looking at the connector and the socket and was perturbed by the apparent incompatibility. I couldn't see past that to see that it would still fit anyway....which it of-course now does. This may be a design change to ensure maximum 8 pin compatibility...who knows




These have PCI-E on them which is helpful.


Cheers for taking the time to reply.



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