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HX1000W Problem


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Hello. I just bought a new pc i7 920 and Asus P6T Deluxe v2, 3x3 ******** trident, HX1000 and my old 8800gt.

After turning on the pc. I'm ready to play Grid racer and the minute I freezes the pc. Reboot and try to see who can be the problem. LinX use for 30 minutes and all perfect, prefect memtest 2 hours. I return to again play Grid and the pc freezes. Reboot again. I put the grid, but this time with gpuz to see temperatures 48 ° ide. And before the pc freezes ALT TAB to see the temperatures and the temperature was above 87 ° :eek:.

Before in my old pc to the profile, never pass the 70 ° playing for hours.

I thought it would be the new pc problems, or problems with my vga.

I put my old pc vga in and go perfect 40 ° ide 64 ° full

I try HX1000 psu on my old pc and again the same problems. Playing Resident Evil bench grid and the pc freezes and temperatures are high 90°. :eek:

After trying the HX1000 in 2 pc have the same problems. With my old psu I have no problems in the old PC, but can not prove in the new pc, 520W :sigh!:

Now my question. Maybe the HX1000 psu is not compatible with my 8800gt? :confused:

It is very rare

It may be that the pci-e line delivers much energy?


Sorry I forgot to mention.

That also proved all pci-e lines of HX1000


I apologize for my English

Greetings from Argentina

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Garba,Pop your CPU out and clean off the old heatsink grease,re-apply with the proper amount of the best heatsink grease product you can find.


What CPU cooler are you running? Is it turning the correct direction? how many rpm's is it going? What about the rest of your case fans,all turning in the right direction and at the right speeds?


The P/S will only put out what the load allows,you could have a nuclear reactor hooked up to the thing and it would still draw the same amount of power.


Just thinking can you look in the BIOS of your new PC and see any GPU values?


Can you use a multimeter and check voltages at the PCIe plug (at the card under load?)


Compare with new and old P/S,perhaps a clue springs forward.


Does the fan on the 8800 sound different (faster,slower) with the HX1000?


Its not possible you have a jumper on the new MB jumped for higher voltages,look in MB manual and check if this is possible. (it is on my ASUS M4A79T Deluxe).


Explore your BIOS voltages with old and new P/S for a clue.

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Thanks for the answer, but take it to the shop: s

Why can not that my pc to the profile, the one I'm using right now, just by putting the corsair psu higher temperatures of the vga. E6300 temperatures are very good and is very well ventilated the case.

After test and test 2 days, with 34 ° ambient temp of the 8800GT with my old psu do not exceed 66 ° and the HX1000 in less than 1 minute in excess of 87 °.

I have no other option to request a change of psu.

The only thing that scares me to change the psu. Is that if it is not compatible with the 8800gt, something very rare for a psu. Is that in my country I have to wait 15 days for change and if the new does not work: (

Again I apologize for my English and thank you for the answers.

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