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New HX850W, PC won't stay Shut Down!


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Have just replaced my Tagan BZ700 with a Corsair HX850W.

Direct swapout, haven't changed anything else in the system.


However since the install when I shutdown the PC, it powers downs... but only for a couple of seconds and then restarts again without me doing anything. To keep it shutdown, I am having to switch the PSU off and then back on. (The power down is very similar to when I make a change in the BIOS to certain settings and then save that change, the machine shuts down briefly and automatically restarts)


I have checked the BIOS and all "power on events" (lan, ps2 etc) are set to disabled. The BIOS is the latest revision available for my motherboad (b17 26/05/08).


Clambering around under the desk isn't an option evertime I want to shut the PC down... help! :confused:

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Yep Yellowbeard. Have tried all that you suggested, the problem is still there tho.


If I have both the reset and power on connectors removed from the jumpers and manually jumper the power on, the machine switches on. But if I then do a shutdown, it switches off but them comes back on again after 2 seconds.


The only time it doesn't switch on automatically is when I very first turn the PSU on, it sits their and waits for the power on signal. After that nothing I can do will keep the machine in a shutdown state other than swicthing the PSU off.


Does this sound like a faulty PSU?

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