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TR3X3G2000C7GTF Failure


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I sent my RAM back via UPS to the RMA address in the Netherlands provided on the 3rd September

UPS confirmed the delivery on the 4th September at 11:17 signed by a chap called William. (This can be seen on the proof of delivery section on the UPS website)


However when I look at my RMA staus it still says the defective parts have yet to be received.

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I am pretty unhappy with my RMA service.


First Corsair send me the incorrect memory. I picked this up on the from my Tech Support Express Ticket and informed the customer service rep who told me to reject the UPS shipment and informed me that the CAS7 was instock and she would re-order the correct memory and make sure it ill be picked-up for the 20th September by UPS.


When I called Corsair customer service yesterday they said that UPS has the parcel and that delievery would be in 3-4days. The customer service rep said they will contact UPS and email me a update within a few hours.


The customer rep failed to email me any repsone and when I called UPS today about where my Parcel is they tell me that Corsair have yet to give it to them! And I need to speak to Corsair


Corsair received my faulty memory on the 4th September and I still do not have any memory and its now the 24th September.


Can you please sort this out for me.

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