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Should i cancel RMA for HX520?


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I recently RMA'd my HX520 because of a strange oscillating noise (that wasn't just the fan scraping) but mechanical was coming out of it kinda like a bearing noise.


Thing is when i was going to finally take it out of the box, i thought that the fan looked awfully close to the grille compared to the one in my old Corsair PSU. So i pushed it gently with the end of a screwdriver and it seemed to slide in then click. (I didn't open the PSU or anything)The sound has completely gone and it been like that for about a week now.


Should i cancel the RMA? i mean i don't want to have to send the PSU to Holland for no reason...

If so then how do i cancel the RMA and would it affect getting another one if it were to fail again?

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