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ASUS P5Q OC problem

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I just purchased a pair of Corsair Dominator 1066 4GB (2x2Gb) kit for my mobo, as this memory is on Asus' QVL list. I'm running a gentle overclock for my processor, at 3.6Ghz (9 x 400), with memory speed set to the rated 1066. Mem timings are set to AUTO, and mem voltatage is set to 2.1. This setup was Orthos stable to at least 8 hours using small FFT's (mostly CPU). In Memtest, however, I encountered a single error on test #7 after about 7 hours. I was previously stable at a full-time OC of 3.9Ghz with a memory pair made by a different manufacturer.


Does anyone know any manual BIOS setting that would resolve this issue for this board/BIOS and memory combination? Oh..BTW...I'm using the latest official Asus BIOS for this board. I had heard mention of a modded BIOS for this board, but I've not heard any reports on that.



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