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Running CMFSSD-256GBG2D in a 4,1 MBP?


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Hi everyone, I've been impressed by the reviews of the MFSSD-256GBG2D at newegg. Lots of MBP users seem to be really happy. I like the capacity too as I am currently running a 200GB 7200 hitachi and wouldn't want to go smaller.


I have a few questions, first I saw the long thread about how some MBP user had trouble running his corsair SSD on an older SATA chipset. My machine is an early 2008 2.5ghz 4,1 unit. I'm wondering if anyone else is running this ssd on a similar setup. My machine does not support the full bandwidth of SATA, I have an intel chipset ICH8-M AHCI running at 1.5GB. Although it's not optimal, I have seen some reports of people running SSDs in them with good results. Before buying I really want to be sure that it'll work.


Another question I have, is about the new Corsair (xtreme series) that I saw just came out. I have not read about it extensively so any advice would be helpful (about which would be a better choice, if applicable).

Thanks in advance

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For MacBook Pro I would suggest CMFSSD-256GBG2D and if your version only supports S-ATA1 then the performance will be somewhat less than if S-ATA2 was supported but still much faster than your current HDD. I would suggest posting this question on the Apple forum as well I think you will find more users with that configuration and some may have some performance results you can compare.
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