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Partitioned Corsair 32GB Flash Voyager USB


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Hi I have a Corsair 32GB Flash Voyager USB Flash Drive which I partitioned a few months ago. to use with TrueCrypt. I wanted one partition for file transfre and an other one to keep importent files safe. Now I wish to reformat it and have it back to normal. I did reformat it using disk manager on Windows Xp home. but now windows detects it as a regular drive on a laptop and not as a removable device. Is there anyway I can have it back to normal. so that Windows will detect it as a removable device again. Right now I have two lap tops one has windows xp home, and the other has Windows Vista Home Premium. if that helps.


Just so you know it took me a lot of research to partition my flash drive and I have forgoten the name of the app I used to partition it...



Any technical advice will be most appreciated...

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Sorry I took so long to reply, just been really busy.

In regards to your reply, I downloaded and installed the SDFormatter V2.0.0.3.exe but it does not recognize the Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB flash drive.

Right now the flash drive is formatted as FAT32 format and when plugged in to my laptop it is detected as if it was a drive on my laptop rather then being detected as a removable media. And thats what I want it to be detected as "Removable media". lol

The last link you posted doesn't work and ends up as:


"404 Error - Not Found






Any help will be most appreciated thanks in advance...


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