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HX620W + 4870 Xfire = FAIL!


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I have a big problem. This model of psu only hav 2 pcie (6+2) connectors (i bought it one year ago). Recently, i bought a 2º gpu (4870) for Xfire intent. Well, i connect 1º gpu to native psu/pcie connectors and 2º gpu with two pcie/molex adapters and the system will not boot :mad:.

Trying both gpus on native psu connector and both pcie slots on motherboard and they work correctly.

If I connect a native connector and an adapter in one of the gpus and try to boot the system does not start.The same happens if i use only the adapters.

With native psu pcie connectors both gpus will work perfectly... Is the problem could be the adapters?

What is the difference between the original cables and power adapters?

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