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HX1000W Dead...Sort of?


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I have had the Corsair HX1000W Modular PSU for almost a year now. Lately I have been having problems with my PC, most of which I attributed to a faulty motherboard. These were random reboots, freezes, and BSOD crashes. I just broke down my system to upgrade a few parts (system specs in profile are up-to-date).


After re-assembly of the upgraded system, I flipped on the PSU switch and the motherboard lights went on (just the on-board power/reset/clear CMOS switches). I tried to turn on the system using both the case and motherboard switch and nothing happened. The PSU was working as of 8/20/09 before I broke the system down, took it out and put away in its original box.


I unplugged all of my peripherals and the motherboard so there was nothing attached to the PSU, took out all the modular plugs save for one which I attached to 1 working fan (fan was tested on old PSU with paper-clip test). I used the PCT (paper-clip test) on the Corsair and nothing, the PSU fan nor the extra fan I hooked up turned on (also same paper-clip I used to PCT the old PSU).


I hooked up an older PSU to the motherboard, top video card, and main HD and was able to boot into the BIOS with no issues (old PSU just can't handle entire system requirements).


Just seems really odd that the motherboard would light up but would not power up with the Corsair. Not sure what happened since it worked a week ago (though may have been failing considering some of the issues I had been dealing with).


Guessing I need to get an RMA? Unless somebody here has any idea what happened to cause something like this...I'm guessing it was just bad luck.




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