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Asus P5Q Pro + TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF


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I am having a few problems with my memory.

I am not able to run MEMTEST86 without errors.

I've disabled USB Support ad run memtest86.

With Memtest 3.5 the system crashes (reboot) after few seconds.

With Memtest 3.4 i have 240000 errors on slot 0 !!!!!


I've read other threads on the forum and now i've set NB to 1.3v.

Now Memetest86 runs fine (no pc crashes) but hangs to 11% (moving inverters,ones & zeros) with 25 errors on slot 0.


The bios DRAM setting is set to auto (1066, 5-5-5-15)


The pc is new (2 months) and runs perfectly until 3 days ago, then i had a thousand of BSOD errors with my XP PRO.








I've tested each RAM on single channel.

Only 1 ram runs fine.

with the second gb ram memtest86 report 240000 errors .....

i think this ram was defective

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Do you mean you disabled LEGACY USB support?


Also, use Memtest86+ v2.11.


Yes, i've disabled legacy usb support.

i will try with 2.11 version.

but i'm pretty sure that this ram is defective.

because while using this one, the pc freezes anytime (also in the bios).

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