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Major Issues With P128 Drives


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Hello All,


Here are the issues I am having with both my P128 SSD's. Sorry for the long post but it is necessary.


I bought 2 p128's about a month and a half ago to run in a RAID 0 Array. All was well at first.


A couple of weeks later I had one of the drives drop from my RAID 0 array. Needles to say I had to rebuild the array and reinstall everything again only to have the same thing happen again. Note: This happened with Vista Ultimate x64 as the OS.


On August 6th I tried it all again but this time with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM in hopes I might have better luck. Same thing happened again but this time it seemed that the other drive dropped from the RAID array this time.


I figured it might be an issue with the ICH10R chipset on my board so I ordered a new Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 Mobo. The same thing keeps happening. The drives just keep dropping from the RAID array even on this board.


I have tried both AHCI and IDE Mode in the bios of my Mobos. I have tried all bios versions from F3 to F8i for my Gigabyte EX58 Extreme Mobo. I have tried both drivers from Microsoft and Intel. One or the other drive just keep dropping from my RAID 0 array.


So I just said screw it and I tried running just one of the drives in AHCI Mode and moved back to Vista Ultimate x64. It was fine for the first few hours and then I got a BSOD and when it rebooted it prompted me to run a boot recovery. No dice!


I figured, OK cool, I have found the bad drive so I hooked up the other drive only to have it BSOD on me during install. Now I'm getting pissed to say the least.


To make an already long story as short as I can, I have tried both RAID 0 and single drive configurations. I have tried AHCI and IDE. I have tried 5 different BIOS on two different mother boards. I have tried both Intel and Microsoft drivers. And have tried Windows Vista and Windows 7 both Ultimate x64.


All I have to show for it is a lot of aggravation and $1,000 in the hole... well actually $1,400 in the hole because I order a Vertex 120 to replace the drives as I cannot wait to go through support here and hopefully an RMA.


I have been using the Vertex for a week now with no issues. I also ran my system with my WD Velociraptor with no issues as well prior to getting the Vertex.


I have exhausted all avenues in my attempt to troubleshoot these issues but to no avail. I consider myself an advanced PC user. Believe me when a say I tried everything but in doing so I have run past my 30 days to return to Newegg.


What I am really looking for is can I RMA both drives and get a single P256 or better yet an X256? I would be more than happy to make up any price differences.


Again, I apologize for the long post but I wanted to give you guys at least some idea of what I have been doing to troubleshoot my problems. As long as this post is it is pale in comparison to what I have been through.


Thanks for your time!!!

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  • Corsair Employees

I really doubt that both drives are bad it would be close to impossible, and if you do an RMA we will test the drives and replace them as needed. And I am sorry we would not be able to change to another part number.


Let's get it or them replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it.

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