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1000 HX PSU tripping the RCD


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I am in the process of building a new machine with a 1000 HX PSU, but I've had an issue with my apartment's circuit breaker, or more specifically, with the Residual Current Device.


To whit:

1. PSU unplugged from the wall, with its power switch set to off

2. 24 and 8 pin ATX connectors plugged into the board (VGA card plugged in but no HDDs at this point)

3. PSU is then plugged into the mains

4. Switching the switch at the back of the PSU trips the circuit immediately. The PSU fan doesn't have time to start spinning, and there is no noise from the PSU at any point


The RCD has a rated residual operating current (IDeltaN) of 30mA, which is the highest standard rating for a standard life/injury protection RCD. It's an AC type time-delayed model.


Q. Is it normal for a PSU to generate much residual current on power up? My limited understanding is that higher quality PSUs have more rather than less earth leakage by design, due to the capacitors used to smooth spikes and reduce EM interference

Q. Do you have any figures for the residual current generated by the 1000 HX model?

Q. Is it simply indicative of a problem with the PSU?




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